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Premiere of Drew's play, TEXT ANGEL, will appear in NOT YOUR MOTHER'S VALENTINE'S DAY
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Drew is a 2019 Writer-in-Residence at Key West Literary Seminar and the Djerassi Resident Artists Program.


2015 Asolo Theatre Workshop Recipient & 2016 O'Neil Finalist

Big hair, big plates of barbecue and big personalities are at the heart of McGower County in small-town Texas where Lindalyn, Viola and Sarah Nell congregate at the Spit Pit for a late night birthday celebration. The party is abruptly interrupted by Stun, Lindalyn's ex, a domestic abuser who goes on a rampage and as a result is shot dead three times. Drastic measures are taken when all three women decide to dispose of the body the best way they know how and the truth about their lives, the choices they've made and the revenge they long for culminate in a frenzied, unknown and primal face-off.

The Cannibals of McGower County was given a reading at the Denizen in June.

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Featuring Cathy Curtin (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK), James Kautz & Jordan Geiger

When Vic returns to his childhood home on a remote island in Maine, he struggles to make sense of his mother's sudden death while a surprise visit from Kaye Fagan, a fisherwoman with the mouth of a sailor, brings up complicated questions of his past, origins and family history.




JANICE GUNTER, GHOST HUNTER is now streaming on Roku's Whohaha!

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(Produced by One Glass Productions)